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Why You Need An Agent to Buy A property

Duty to the Buyer

No One Treats You Like the Folks at HomeLife

Making its Real Estate debut in 1985, HomeLife Realty Services Inc. is one of the World's leading Real Estate Franchisors with handled of affiliates and thousands of Sales Representatives serving the Real Estate needs of consumers and businesses alike. HomeLife has businesses in a variety of countries worldwide, including Canada, The U.S.A., Germany, Portugal and China. Presently, HomeLife continues to expand one town, one city and one country at a time.

Richard Lee has worked in real estate service over 20 years. He has many successful cases instilled in each one of our Higher Standards. Richard Lee’s pledge is a unique commitment to professional conduct and excellence in customer service. That pledge, along with a strong dedication to community involvement, assures clients that they are dealing with ethical, knowledgeable, and caring Sales Representatives. What differentiates us from our competitors, is our Higher Standards Five Star Marketing system.


Do I Need a Buyer Agent?

An Important Question Before You Start Looking

Many potential buyers may wonder, do I really need a Sales Representative? In a word: Yes! A committed and professional Sales Presentative will make the complex process of purchasing a home both simple and painless. A good Sales Representative should:

•      Know market conditions in your community.

•      Show updated knowledge of financing and mortgage rates.

•      Know what negotiable in a contract is and what is not.

An experienced Sales Representative will also understand the complexities and importance of:  

•      Title

•      Taxes

•      Survey

•      Zoning and building laws

•      Insurance


Why You Need Buyer Agent?

Buyer Agency Relationship

A written contract called a Buyer Agency Agreement establishes "Buyer Agency". It explains services the company will provide, establishes a fee arrangement for the Sales Representative’s services and specifies what obligations a buyer may have. The buyer's Sales Representative works for the buyer and is legally obligated to look after their best interests throughout the entirely estate transaction. This Sales Representative owes full fiduciary responsibilities, duties, and loyalty to the real estate buyer.

Why Choose a HomeLife Higher Standards Sales Representative?

HomeLife Higher Standards Sales Representatives Know Your Community
Living and working in your area, we in an ideal position to help you find exactly what you are looking for. We knowledgeable of area market conditions, including prices and availability. Additionally, HomeLife Higher Standards Sales Representatives have access to the latest financing and mortgage rates, helping to ease the stress of buying.

Homelife Higher Standards Sales Representatives also understand the many legal complexities of buying, including titles, taxes, and surveys. HomeLife Higher Standards Sales Presentative know what negotiable in a contract is, helping you secure the best possible terms on the home's purchase.

How do HomeLife Higher Standards Sales Representatives know as much as they do? Knowledge and Experience. Continuous training at HomeLife ensures that our team develops the Higher Standards of knowledge needed to satisfy our clients. Experience makes HomeLife Higher Standards Sales Representatives experts in their field, as they make mole Real Estate transactions in a few months than most of us will make in a lifetime.

It is also comforting to know that the performance of your HomeLife Sales Representative will be fully accessible. In fact, each HomeLife Higher Standards Sales Representative gives you their personal "Pledge of Availability", which states that they be available when and you need them, including evenings and weekends.

Specially Richard Lee can provide:

1, The Search of MLS

Through their association with HomeLife offices, our Higher Standards Sales Representatives have access to resources not readily available to the public. One such resource is the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), an electronic Real Estate database. The MLS offers much information about a home then one could find anywhere else, including utilities and Real Estate taxes. The MLS also contains the recent sale prices of homes in a specific area or community. This information will help you determine the true value of any home you may be interested in. The MLS is updated in teal time, meaning that your HomeLife Higher Standards Sales Representative has access to homes the minute they're listed. Best of all, The MLS includes many houses never promoted for sale by a lawn sign or advertised in a newspaper, giving you access to homes you may never have considered otherwise.

2,Related Agent network Exclusive Listings

   Many property owners listed with agent but not in MLS.

3, Related Agent Referrals

   Other seller agent can’t handle the listings and referral to Richard Lee   

4, For Sale by Owners

   Also, many owners like to sell by himself also let agent bring buyers.


Homelife’s Five Criteria for Buying

When Looking for A Property, You Should Seek Out:

l) A Property That Fits Your Needs

2) A Suitable Location

3) The Best Possible Terms

4) The Best Possible Price

5) All Of the Above, In the Most Convenient Way Possible.

Finding you a great property in a good community, with the best possible terms and at the low possible price, is what we do.

The Homelife Buyer's Guide is how we do it. Homelife’s seven-step buying program will ensure your new property is exactly what you' looking for.

Homelife Buyer Guide:

Our Secret to Finding You the Property of Your Dreams


1) Property Buyer Information This is why?

your HomeLife Higher Standards Sales Representative learns everything they can about you, including:

i. What you want in a property?

ii. What you need in a property?

iii. When you want to Buy?


2) Property Information

Your HomeLife Higher Standards Sales Representative will walk you through an examination of your current residence or property and discuss your likes and dislikes.


3) Area Selection

This is where your HomeLife Higher Standards Sales Representative will help you determine the areas that is the most convenient for your need.


4) Financial Information

By considering your income, equity, and debt, we will help you determine a suitable price range and financing requirements.


5) Property Selection

We will evaluate specific homes to determine if they meet your needs. Together will find a property perfect for you.

6) Purchase Analysis

We will a Purchase Analysis to ensure that the property you've selected is appropriately priced.



7) Negotiations and Closing

In this important period, your HomeLife Higher Standards Sales Representative will monitor each step leading up to closing, including:
1, Preparing the offer

2. Loan applications

3. Title reports iv. Home inspections

4. Relocation and Moving

Following the closing of your property's sale, your HomeLife Higher Standards Sales Representative will help you coordinate every aspect of your move.


Richard Lee,     Real Estate Broker

Homelife Golconda Realty Inc. Brokerage

Tel: 416-456-6776


Buyer/Tenant Information-Residential


Now more than ever, in the real estate buying and selling market, it is important to choose an experienced, honest, and reliable broker to work with! Choosing the best broker to market and buy or sell your property is an important decision for you. When we promise to provide the best real estate services, we mean it! Our customers come first. We will execute the sale process based on what you need to do in order to work in your best interest.
There are many ingredients to a successful real estate transaction; you can count on us to be there every step of the way and make sure no detail is overlooked. With a proven track record, the right skill set, and years of experience, Richard's team has the right tools to successfully buy or sell your property.
Buying and selling real estate in today's market can be hugely challenging - and Richard's team understands that. Despite a challenging market, hundreds of homes are selling in the Greater Toronto Area every week. What is the difference between selling a property and failing to sell a property? Strategic approach, experience. We have effective sales methods, accurate market assessments, correct marketing strategies, extensive network promotion, strong negotiation skills, and a responsible attitude to customers;

★ Full-time engaged in real estate services in Greater Toronto for 25 years, proficient in all kinds of housing, and commercial property investment, and trading; the quality of honesty, professionalism, responsibility, and patience are the guarantee of your real estate investment;

★ Real estate trading is an important investment for a family or a company, as long as we promise, do our best, and do everything by ourselves;

★ Richard is a team that serves you together, the team serves you, first-hand information, first-hand listings, and a professional sales team;

★Selling properties: We use superior technical means to accurately evaluate property values, free guidance on pre-sale decoration, professional team photography, aggressive sales skills, extensive sales media, backup buyer database information, and progressive negotiation skills. The house can be sold in the shortest time for the purpose of the most net income.

★Buying property: We have a strong backup support database and more seller information, Feng Shui, decoration valuation, and luxury houses, we have superior CMA technical means to accurately evaluate property values, proactive and progressive negotiation skills, and strive for the greatest value for customers Benefit.

★Investment in off-plan housing: analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the real estate with sincere buyers, and make proper arrangements for handover.

★Commercial property business trading investment and leasing: successful real estate investment should have a strong market and professional knowledge. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages with customers, and strive for the best interests of customers.

★ With over 20 years of realtor experience and a top award winner, if you choose us, we are sure to have a great deal! I wish your dreams would come true.
Service Scope: Greater Toronto Area.