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Confidentiality Agreement

CONCERNING: confidential or proprietary information to be described or provided to the Recipients upon execution of this Agreement.  (This section is optional if the Properties are not to be identified until after execution of this Agreement) by attached

DEFINITIONS AND INTERPRETATIONS: For the purposes of this Confidentiality Agreement, “Provider” includes the employees and principals of the Provider and “Recipient” include the undersigned parties and their partners, associates, employers, employees, affiliates, subsidiaries, parent companies, any nominees, representatives, successors,  members of the family and the parties specifically authorized under this Agreement to receive the Confidential Information. “Confidential Information” includes written, electronic and verbal information designated in this Agreement as confidential or proprietary.

TERMS: In consideration of receiving the Confidential Information from the Provider, the Recipient(s) agrees to continue to work through Homelife Golconda Realty Inc. for the above-mentioned property including offers, so long as the Recipient(s) wishes to make any offer within one year from the information is introduced or shown the Property during the Listing Period, which the Recipient(s) has acknowledged by signing below. The Recipient(s) agrees that any and all communication with regards to this property shall be done so through HomeLife Golconda Realty Inc.  Brokerage. The Recipient(s) and/or their representative(s) will not at any time contact the seller directly or indirectly.

With the execution of this Confidentiality Agreement, the undersigned acknowledges that they are undertaking this investigation of the Property at their sole risk and expense and that under no circumstances will any amounts expended by the undersigned for its due diligence investigation or review be paid or reimbursed by the seller or HomeLife Golconda Realty Inc.  Brokerage.

The Recipient(s) agrees to hold and treat the Confidential Information in the strictest confidence and agrees not to disclose the Confidential Information to any party who has not been authorized under this Agreement to receive the Confidential Information. This Agreement authorizes the Recipient to share the Confidential Information with partners, officers, directors, employees, or legal or financial advisors.

The Confidential Information is provided for the sole and limited use by the Recipient(s), specifically authorized under this Agreement to receive the Confidential Information. If the Recipient(s) intends to disclose any or all the Confidential Information to any other party who is not authorized under this Agreement to receive the Confidential Information, the Recipient(s) agrees to enter into a Confidentiality Agreement with the other party on the same terms and conditions as included herein and obtain the Provider's written authorization prior to releasing the Confidential Information to the other party.

If the Recipient(s) is no longer interested in continuing negotiations for the Property or completing a transaction with the Provider, the Recipient agrees to return all written Confidential Information to the Provider and to destroy any written and electronic copies in the Recipient's possession.

The Recipient(s) agrees to be responsible for the legal & the expense arising from any breach of this Agreement to the provider & property owner. The Recipient(s) agrees to indemnify and save harmless the seller and HomeLife Golconda Realty Inc.  Brokerage. from any claims, losses, damages, and liabilities whatsoever (including legal fees on a substantial indemnity basis and disbursements) arising from a breach by the Recipient(s) or any of the Recipient(s) representatives of any of the terms or other provisions of this Agreement. The receipt(s) acknowledge the provider (Broker) is entitled to get the commission in the transaction of related property by the seller or buyer.

The Recipient(s) agrees that any investigations of the Property are at the sole risk and expense of the Recipient and the Provider will not be liable for any costs related to such investigations or due diligence without the express written authorization from the Provider. The Provider is not liable for the accuracy or completeness of the Confidential Information and is not liable in any way to the Recipient as a result of providing the Confidential Information to the Recipient.

Fax or scan of a signed copy of the Confidentiality Agreement shall be deemed to be an original signed copy.

PRIVACY: Each of the Provider and Recipient represents and warrants to the other that each has complied with the provisions of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.

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